Good News About Giving Tues

Today my emotional reservoir is so totally on overload that 
I'm about to burst from Giving Tuesday!

look what 
sweet knitter 
from Knitting Guild 
made for three young
siblings in our school family. 
Beautifully hand-knit with love.
For children she doesn't even know.
Think about the time and talent that took.
Just because she could. For Giving Tuesday.
So. Much.

Then I got to play Santa and deliver these
along with the other gifts the Guild members donated.
To make one family's Christmas easier.

After that, I wrote my holiday card to the residents
at Arlington Heights in Illinois as if I were writing
to my Grandmother. So much fun to share our story
and send an update on my family and what's happening. 
Then I gave homework to two of my colleagues to do the same.
I even gave them an envelope already addressed and stamped.

After Counselor Cafe, I got to send a few more thank-you notes and a care package to a young sailor serving overseas whose mom works at our school.

I just can't imagine what it's like to be them.
And I will always be grateful.
Nor can I imagine what it must be like to be my little 
second grader who just lost her mom.
Over Thanksgiving break.
So I've spent a lot of time with her this week.
And praying for her since I heard the news.
Once again, there were angels in our school community ready to help us help her. My heart is touched every time I see the maxim It takes a village come to life at my school. Because of a chance meeting in the customer service line at a Walmart, we were able to get this little girl's every Christmas wish covered and wrapped on Giving Tuesday. And because there are so many layers to the story that I can't even share, I'm going to just say that there wasn't anything chance about that magical encounter with a mom who didn't know she wouldn't be here for the holidays and that Christmas angel who would know exactly how to help when she passed away.

And Giving Tuesday wasn't over yet! Some scholarship money came my way that I wasn't expecting, so I was able to make a donation to three of our favorite charitable organizations that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to do. 
How rewarding was that?

Then I came home to some more Giving Tuesday good news; 
a blogging friend in Canada was feeling called to help our little one who lost her mom and is sending us gift card so that we can build a doll that looks just like her together in my office. 

The more we give, the more we get, so that gave me the idea to knit them matching scarves, so off to Hobby Lobby I go.

Oh, and I think John said yes to the kitten that needs a family!

Can you see why my bucket is overflowing?
I'd love to hear about your Giving Tuesday.


  1. You are amazing and inspiring at the same time. Where do you find all this stuff? I didn't even know about Giving Tuesday but I may just have to create my own since I missed it!! I truly think of YOU as a giving person every day of the week!!

  2. You are one incredible lady! It is true that whatever you sow comes back to you. I find that to be true and you prove it every day. Thanks for sharing all your goodness!


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