Grateful Parents

Look what showed up in our teachers' lounge this week.

And this is what I found when I peeked inside the card:

It wasn't just java either. The assorted treats included hot chocolate, tea, espresso, and cappuccino. This little gesture of gratitude warmed a lot of hearts!

And speaking about heartwarming, I had a visit from two little kindergarten friends who wrote about my visit in their journals:

Their teacher said they could write about anything they wanted;
can you tell that they sit at the same table?

Unexpected happiness, gratitude, love and joy 
on a day that started out kind of shaky (I forgot to make my share for the plates of the treats we give every year to our district support people - ugh!) but ended up with a candy bar in a cup, two great big hugs and a smile that seemed to stretch a mile long and every bit as wide.


  1. You changed the look of your blog-I like it! That was so sweet of those parents. And the babies writing that were precious. So innocent and full of love for their teachers. Why does that disappear by the 6th grade?? LOL!

    Speaking of a teacher's lounge-that's what we need!

    YAY for Christmas break!



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