Maria's Sweet New Board Book

Today I'm excited because Maria Dismondy's new book is now available 
and I'm hosting her last stop on the Virtual Blog Tour.

Ta Da ... here it is in all of its adorableness:

Geared at a much younger audience than her other titles, this newcomer targets children from birth to age three. The same thing that drew me to Maria's work in the first place - her mission to help people Be The Difference - has endeared me to 

Using six key character words coupled with pictures of babies from diverse backgrounds, Maria's powerful parenting tool answers the question: 
What makes baby super sweet?

Thank you, Maria, for this free download.

I used the book to elevate empathy in a preK class last week and talk with our littlest learners about what babies need. 
Here's a sneak peek at a portion of the lesson:

Here are the words to our fun friendship ditty that we actually circled up for and fell down at the end of, just as if it were Ring Around The Rosey -- good times!:

Then yesterday I found this related post that totally supports why resources like this book are necessary to raise your child's social intelligence.

And Kid President talking to newborns {here}.

It's never too early to start teaching, reinforcing, and modeling character to our infant children. I'm glad that Maria cooked up this delicious title and I see it as a great gift for all of those friends and families who are adding a bundle of joy to their fold, just like Maria and her family, who just welcomed 
a blessed baby boy to their family.

If you'd like a Spoonful of Sweetness, please leave a comment below with your best parenting tip between now and January 30th at noon central. The Gruener Generator will draw one name from all of the entries and Maria will send you a signed copy.

This giveaway is now closed; congrats Lisa 
and thanks for that parenting tip!

I appreciate my friendship with Maria and I am grateful for her partnership and her passion for character and kids.

Maria Dismondy is a #1best-selling children's book author, former teacher, and highly sought-after speaker. Spoonful of Sweetness is her 5th children's book. Maria has a passion for spreading an anti-bullying message and making a difference in her writing, public speaking, blogging and charity work. She lives in southeastern Michigan with her husband and children. Visit her online {here}; you'll be glad you did!

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  1. LOVE this!! We have our 2 year old coming for a visit this weekend and we will be shopping for this gem! I'm going to print the quick tips download and laminate it for her mom and dad...first-time parents are they, and much to my delight they ask me for advice all the time! :-) My best parenting tip is simple: "Be" with your children in as many authentic and easy-going moments as you can because they truly grow up so fast. The time you invest now will reap huge dividends later! So, resist excessive screen time for some old-fashioned face time! Our two year old's favorite saying is, "It's story time!" Barbara, loved the video clip, too! Your littles could almost teach've prepared them so well!


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