Changing Everything

I found this quote on the Live The Golden Rule Facebook page
 and I paired it with this picture of a knitting club mentor.
Don't you love PicMonkey?

Just look at how she is loving kindness.
She used her time and talents to make that hat 
to help reduce the infant mortality rate.
A life-saving tool. 
Knitting kindness, one stitch at a time. 
A project with a purpose that could change everything.

Recently, we've had a few chances to give a sweet sendoff to some of our Hometown Heroes from Friendswood High School. We take our students out front to congratulate them, encourage them, and cheer them on.

First, we saw the Academic Decathlon Team off to State Competition, then the Swim Team as they headed to Austin, and finally the Lady Mustang Basketball team as they headed to their big playoff game. Just look at how tickled those teenaged girls were. One of them tweeted this:

With one kind gesture ...
living the Golden Rule ... 
because one day it could be us on that bus.

How will you change something today?

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