Cognitive Candy? Sweet!

Have you seen this moving Free Spirit Press treasure?

Its layout is beautiful . . . and its content spot on.
Targeting infants through age seven (although you could totally extend it into the middle years), this guide by Gill Connell and Cheryl McCarthy fully supports what Dr. John Medina said in his book Brain Rules about physical activity being "cognitive candy." According to Medina, the brain opens up and releases endorphins with physical movement; when meaningful activity happens in concert with academic content, our capacity for learning increases.

It's been proven with these brain scans. 

Click graphic for source: Wichita Falls ISD

Connell and McCarthy would concur and share a wide array of activities that address the physical and academic needs of your young learners during their formative years. 

Want to maximize learning? 
Check out this book and try some active play. 
Join in the fun and treat yourself to some brain candy, too.

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Then, get mooooooving.

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