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Today I'm excited about a must-have 
writing workshop resource by Christine DePetrillo.

Click the cover image to purchase the digital version on TpT.

This little masterpiece is like a Reader's Digest guide to help writers in grades three through eight develop dynamic, intriguing, authentic, and engaging characters.
 Its 116 pages, divided into four major topics, are described in the book like this: 
Chapter one: Observing people to discover elements that reveal character 
Chapter two: Developing key aspects of characters - how they look, where they live, and what they say and do. 
Chapter three: Evolving character to show how a character develops over time 
Chapter four: Using voice, dialogue, and point of view to make a character come alive.

Ignite your writing instruction with five Common-Core-aligned activities per chapter, most of which will take about 45 minutes each. Sample entries and varied follow-up assessments enrich the text along the way. The goals, motivation, and conflict section has the potential to encourage self-reflection in the writers while they're creating the profiles of their characters. My personal favorite, the character interview, could easily serve to elevate empathy in the writers as they develop characters, and then get to know what they stand for, believe in, and value.

I enthusiastically recommend this exciting new teaching guide as an 
invaluable deposit for your writing fuel tank.

Click {here} for more information or to buy a hard copy 
and get the digital copy as a bonus.

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