Child Abuse Prevention Month

the CDC statistics are staggering: 1 in 4 girls, 1 in 6 boys,
sexually abused before the age of 18. What?
And only 10% of the offenders are strangers to the child.

So while it doesn't seem like Child Abuse Prevention is something that ought to be set aside for just a month and that every day must be Child Abuse Prevention Day, in April we pause to focus more earnestly on ways to keep our children safe and free from life-changing mistreatment, neglect and abuse.

Just this weekend I came across this AmAzInG resource to help us with that sensitive subject of good touch/bad touch:

Click the graphic for purchasing information.

It's a sensitively-created product by teacher and mom Selena Smith that I believe has the potential to empower children and save lives. Based on her story Joey Wants To Know, Selena's activity packet contains 34 pages of ideas and activities to enrich the tale of a little kangaroo who learns about the difference between good touch and bad touch before something bad ever happens. 
That's actually the key here. 
Before the unthinkable ever happens. 
Giving our students the knowledge and that tools that they need so that they can keep themselves safe long enough to get to a trusted adult to report and process what might have happened.
To ultimately help them keep themselves safe from harm. 
Because too many times kids don't know what they don't know.  And it's up to us, the trusted adults in their lives, to have that courageous conversation with them and to let them know that no one, (not anyone, stranger or friend!) has the right to hurt them.
End of discussion.
And that includes touching them in private or personal places.
We must keep them safe.
It is our responsibility ... and their right.
They are our future; our lives will depend upon them one day.

Other helpful resources for child empowerment include:

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