Destination Imagination

As March turns into April, one of our fifth-grade Destination Imagination Teams has a big State Competition coming up.

Imagine my surprise when I saw them gracing the front cover
of this local magazine as I was about to recycle it!
Just beautiful, especially since DI is designed
with kids in mind ... as the project masterminds.
It's all kids.
Their thoughts, their designs, their productions.
Oh, sure, there's a sponsor, but basically she's an adult
who is on site when they create just to keep them safe, encourage them, and cheer them on. That's it. I've seen it work. 
Talk about voice and choice!
The State-bound Survivor Diver's sponsor is our very own second-grade teacher Peggy Matejowsky, whose daughter happens to be on the five-member team. And did I mention that they also won the special Renaissance Award for their exceptional performance?
Innovative. Inspirational. Incredible.

Here's the magazine article to tell the story.

Congratulations, Survivor Divers. We're so very proud of you
and we wish you well at State and as you lead us into the future!

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