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Yesterday for our first official day of spring break, we enjoyed a family outing at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. That annual event always manages to amaze me because of the incredible volunteerism it takes to make it run so smoothly. 

Did you know that the HLSR Committee is able to give away 700 $16K scholarships to high school seniors each year as a direct result of their hard work, dedication and service? Our daughter Kaitlyn was honored with a 2011 HLSR 
Metropolitan Scholarship recipient and we are so very grateful.

Last night we saw REO Speedwagon in concert after the cowboy events {I know, fun, right?}, and I'm happy to report that after 40 years of making music, they can still rock the house. Right before they took the stage, I stumbled on the fact that there's actually a Random Acts of Kindness program as a part of the Houston Rodeo. On the big screen, we saw the people whose tickets were upgraded because of a patron's kindness. How cool is that?

So spring break continues. 
Today I'm delighted because I'm guest posting over at the 
Dr. Jean and Friends blog. My topic? Kindness.
It was so kind of this inspirational icon in the educational world to invite me over to share the kindness bug
Click {here} to go there ... and remember ...

Do a kind act ... it'll boomerang back ...
give kind, get kind ... just like that.

Oh, and it really is cool to be kind! 

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  1. Glad you are enjoying a wonderful spring break. We have a few more weeks left before we get to enjoy ours. Great post and powerful words to remember over at Dr. Jean's blog.


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