Feeling Disappointed

Today I'm excited because I've finally gotten to catch up with Sesame Street. I love to use these engaging clips in peace class.

Check out this new Elmo clip.
And see how adorable it is as he and his friends try to explain the word  disappointed.


Disappointed definitely results in feelings that can be hard to manage, uncomfortable even, 
so it's fair game for a counselor like me.

Our band was disappointed last year when they earned
fifth place in the State marching contest.
Even though they gave it their best shot and
left it all on the field.

Here's the thing ... in this life, 
there will be so much disappointment. 
So much.
Because life is hard. 
And people make mistakes ... and we can be fragile. 
Breakable, even.
But it's when we are able 
to bounce back from disappointment, 
to learn resiliency, 
to learn from failures, 
to persevere and grow,
to keep on keeping on,
that matters.

I feel my next peace class idea coming ...

What have you felt disappointed about lately?
And how did you recover and bounce back?


  1. So true! We faced a similar disappointment in my student book club's competition. Tied for first place and lost the tie-breaker. The kids came off that stage with very disappointed faces, even though it's the best one of our teams has ever done! Hopefully the words of encouragement from me and from their parents did enough to help them overcome it! :)


  2. I look forward to sharing this with my class. Thank you for another wonderful resource.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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