PPBF: Are You Confident Today?

Today I'm delighted to introduce the first book in the
 Becoming A Better You! series as my PPBF pick.

Title: Are You Confident Today?
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Authors: Kris Yankee and Marian Nelson
Illustrator: Jeff Covieo
Publisher: Ferne Press
Date: March 2014
Themes: confidence, self-esteem, attitude 
Suitable for: ages 4-8 (and beyond!)
Brief synopsis: This kid-friendly guide offers practical, every-day tips, healthy self-talk and positive reframes that'll help your children gain the confidence they'll need in an increasingly high-stakes, competitive world.

Opening page: Every day is a new day. Today is about being confident.

Resources: Raising Confident Kids from Kids Health {here}.
30 Ways To Raise Confident Kids from That's So Cuegly {here}.
The Key to Raising Confident Kids from Psychology Today {here}.
Dr. Sears' 12 Ways To Help Your Child Build Self Confidence {here}.
Evan Lysacek helps us understand the word confidence {here}.

Why I like this book and how I would use it:  
I'd start my lesson with a pre-assessment asking students to rate their level of confidence on a scale of 1 to 10 with one being not confident at all and 10 being the most confident that they could be. See what they think tomorrow's leaders know about confidence before reading this guide to helping build confidence that fluently speaks their language. 

I could totally feel an underlying current that says to young people that it's okay if they can't do something ... yet ... and encourages them to try things on their own, to gain independence bit by bit, and to persevere even when things are scary, difficult, or challenging. It also tells them that it's okay, important even, to bounce back from failures by giving it another shot. 
Because resiliency builds confidence. 
So does helping others, 
standing up for what's right, 
and learning a new skill, like playing a musical instrument.

The book's text takes its reader through things that they can 
easily manage by themselves with a little confidence - 
from helping with breakfast to packing your own backpack, 
from experimenting in science to shaking on a stage, 
from striking out at the ball diamond to snuggling in for a story - 
to share real-life scenarios that s/he can relate to and use to make meaningful text-to-self connections. With a can-do attitude, our youngest superheroes can soar with confidence.

At the end of the book, not only are there prompts for reflection
 but also parenting tips for raising confident children.

After reading and discussing the book, have them rate their confidence level again to see if they've changed their minds, even just a little, about where they find themselves on that 1-10 scale. Then let them complete a graphic organizer like this with examples of ways that they show that they're confident.

On their official online SAT test question of the day page, 
the College Board uses the expression: 
Practice makes perfect, so perfect your practice. 
Follow up your read-aloud by asking students what they think this means. 
Find out if they think there's any such thing as perfect.
Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right." Explore with your students if they agree with that statement or not, and see how they might connect that quote to confidence.

 Finally, have students write about a time that they were ... or weren't ... very confident. What was that experience like and how did they learn and grow from it?


  1. It's a good lesson to realize that confidence can be developed, and you don't have to be born with it. Thanks for sharing this title.

    1. Yes, confidence CAN be developed ... and influenced! I'm always glad to share good titles!

  2. This sounds like a book I'd like to share -- and it reminds me a bit of Julia Cook's books. I love your reviews because I love to see how you will use it with students. You are so creative.

    1. I thought so, Pat. A bit different from Julia's book but really good nonetheless. Thank you for your kind affirmations.

  3. This sounds great! What a big topic. Kids these days don't know much about failure and getting up and trying again. It seems to me that too much is done FOR them by adults. Maybe adults need to read this book too! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like this should be a nice series.

    1. It's a huge topic that the books addresses expertly! You are correct, Rhythm, that adults could benefit from the book, so I added "and beyond" on the ages it'd be suitable for!! As always, I'm delighted you and your mom person stopped by.

  4. Barbara, Thanks so much for sharing our book with your readers! We love to see how you would use it with your students. It makes us proud that we've created something that teachers are finding useful.

    And Reading with Rhythm...we'd love it if adults read it, too! It's meant for ALL ages. :)

    1. My pleasure, Kris. Best as the series makes its sweep through the schools and beyond!

  5. This is an excellent book. Today with so much peer pressure and quitting the minute something doesn't work out, I like the way this refers to gaining confidence, trying again does not mean failure, etc.... Like the way you would use this book too. Thanks Barbara. A valuable resource.

    1. Agreed! I'm glad you stopped by the Corner and I appreciate your kind feedback.

  6. This is always a problem for kids. This sounds like a great way to work on that problem. Thanks for the review.

    1. My pleasure, Rosi ... thanks for coming by the Corner. We must raise confidence kids cause they'll be in charge when we're convalescing, right?

  7. Looks like a classroom must!

    1. Agreed, Julie ... can't wait for the other titles in this series!

  8. It does sound like an exceptional book for the classroom!

  9. Interesting choice. I like the art and it seems to attack the problem from a slightly different angle than other books I've seen. Thanks for the recommendation.

  10. What a great book choice. Lots of kids in my class could benefit from this. I like how you said, "resiliency builds confidence". So true!
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