Serving Hungry People

This past Thursday I tried ... drum roll please ... a #servechat.
Yep, I'm on Twitter now.
I used tweet deck.
I know, it sounds so foreign to some of us, right?
It was exhausting and energizing at the same time.
First of all, it was at 9:30 Eastern which is past my bedtime,
so I had to stretch myself in more ways than one.
But I met and got to chat with with inspiring people, 
people who want to make a difference, 
people from as far away as Australia.
About hunger. And homelessness. And helping.
Such a small world when technology connects us.

Sheila from Pennies of Time organizes these chats once a month.
Here's a link to her ideas for Service Over Spring Break.

Life is hard ... but even young people like Ben can help 
make it better.
Do you know about his Food Recovery Network?
Prepare to be amazed at what this college senior noticed ...
and then did something about with the help of his friends.

So today I'm thinking that kids are heroes.
Heroes whose hearts are opened. 
Heroes who are looking around for ways to make life better.
Heroes who can change the world. 
Because life is hard. 
And people are hungry.
Sometimes those you'd never expect ... are hungry.
Wanna help?

Check out the FB page called Moms Fighting Hunger {here}.
Share your strength with No Kid Hungry {here}.
Volunteer to deliver food with Meals On Wheels {here}.
Learn more about the Buddy Backpack Program {here}.

And they're not just hungry for food, either. 
They're starving for:

Helping doesn't have to cost any money ...
what will you do to feed someone today?

Know a kid who cares? 
Nominate them for a Kohl's scholarship {here}
through March 14, 2014.

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