Thursday Thoughts

Tonight, some randomness before I unplug. 
First of all, a second-grade friend brought this to me today:

It now proudly hangs on my office door.
Isn't it BEE-autiful?
It's true, you know, what she wrote, but
I've never heard it put quite that way ... 
Character is the fastest way to go!

Second, there was an article posted yesterday up in Milwaukee about my brother's daughter, Kristin, who's in her final months of service as Wisconsin's 2013 
Alice in Dairyland

Click {here} to read the update. We are understandably proud of Kristin and her hard work as the Agricultural Ambassador. Before she turns over her crown to the next Alice, she will have put on nearly 40,000 miles traveling the state and promoting the agricultural industry. She'll also make an amazing 400 school visits. Wouldn't it be fun to have an Alice in Dairyland visit?

Third, there's some March Madness action in the collegiate world that we're interested in watching; my Wisconsin Badgers are about to play our Texas Baylor Bears in the NCAA Men's Basketball Sweet Sixteen in a few minutes. Sic 'em, Badgers. Then, this weekend, we'll be watching the Women from Texas A & M because our son Jacob is in Nebraska with the team as an official member of the Hullabaloo Band, who went along to support and cheer on the team. How fun is that? These young athletes have worked hard to get this far into the post-season tournament and they serve as role models for drive, diligence and determination. 

How are you hoopin' it up in your corner of the world?

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  1. I didn't know there were agricultural ambassadors. That would be fun traveling the state to promote the agricultural industry. Did she grow up on a farm?

    March Madness -- we're rooting for the University of Dayton Flyers -- a big thing here. Especially when they beat OSU and Standford. Made the top eight.


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