Loving Your Tax Deduction(s)

What a day! It started bright and early when I picked up the Jo-2-Go from Dunn Bros to serve with banana bread and blueberry bread at our 7 am Coffee Chat.

Designed with dads in mind, the workshop objective was to affirm them and reiterate the importance and influence of their presence in the lives of their most valuable tax deductions, their children
I was so proud of Krystle for her planning and prep; 
here are adaptations of some of the slides that she shared.
Simply click them to go to their source.

Our Assistant Principal, Lee Whitlock, helped out with some real talk, dad-to-dad. Some points he made include: We have the privilege to influence our children for a little while, sometimes subtly, intentionally or unintentionally, for the positive or for the negative. We do this by how we speak, how we spend our money, how we respond to our spouse, the respect we show for authority, how we treat others. Our underlings are always watching; the smallest deed never goes unnoticed. Research indicates that parental behavior rather than their attitudes or words was the biggest contributor to their children's actions. Children whose parents smoke, for example, are twice as likely to smoke. Therefore, there is a strong chance that our children will grow up to do what we do. We must be the parents that we want our children to be. Every day. Now that's an important investment that'll pay huge dividends, don't you think?

He then shared his family's cell-phone contract. 
Click {here} for a copy as well as for our workshop handout.

We launched with this fun Dad's Life clip.

What's your most promising parenting practice?


  1. I bet y'all had too much fun with that video launch! I haven't laughed so hard in a while! Did the dads take it with good humor? I'm sure they did. I just love Krystal's stats and tips. Huge KUDOS to her for putting this together and your AP for his valuable contributions. Great way to present a critical topic in a nonthreatening way. Would have loved to have been there for the discussion. We're having our final dads' breakfast of the year on Thursday and I wonder if Krystal would mind if I share her stats, with credit given to another (mine being the other) fabulous school counseling intern, of course!

    1. Yes, of course you can use her stats ... she said she's happy to share. Thank you for your kind affirmations. It was a small, intimate group of dads and I feel blessed to have gotten in on their chat and glimpsed life from their point of view and perspective!


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