An a-MAY-zing Update

Mid-May and what a marvelous month it has been.

April McAndrews, a generous, and extremely talented Westwood-Bales mom, sewed this magical gown for me to wear when I deliver my 
Kindness Is The Real Global Warming 
keynote in DC for CEP on Halloween:

Now I must find the perfect shoes and lose a little weight
before we alter it in time for the big day.
Thank you, April, for your kind gift.

I got a Mother's Day oak tree from my boys:

I just love that they would toil to plant a tree
whose shade our generation might not even get to enjoy.

We got both college kids home for a bit and have savored some meals around the table together this past week. 
(No pictures of that since we don't bring our devices to table time!)
In a little bit, we'll go to the 11:00 church service as a family for the first time since Christmas after we partake our pancake breakfast. Then yard work awaits, which I'm quite certain will surely excite them ... okay, maybe not ... regardless, I am one delighted mom.

Oh, and an excited author, because my book is at the printer so we're ready to take orders. We're planning on them shipping out in early June. Sounds so foreign to say, but I've already got book signings lined up in Wisconsin, Missouri, California, San Antonio and Dallas this summer, proof positive that dreams really do come true.

Read more about my book {here}. You can reserve a copy (or two) at the Buy Now button on the right of the blog. Want it signed? No worries; just comment below or send me an email. 

Finally, this morning as I'm blog hopping, I've found
a few posts that I simply must share:

A brilliant peer pressure object lesson {here}
50 ways to help your students find their voice {here}
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10 reasons to have an attitude of gratitude {here}
To The Moon video tribute to teachers {here}

Happy Hopping!


  1. I'm so excited about your book. I tried to reserve a copy, but it didn't work. I'll make sure to get one though.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Thanks, Tammy - I've got one reserved for you!

  2. Well, I'd like to come to a book signing in Dallas!!

    1. One in Mansfield ISD, another in McKinney ISD ... you can choose!

  3. I'm so excited for you and for you new book! I can't wait to read it! And of course I definitely want you to sign my book! Thanks for always being willing to share your ideas and resources and spreading your love of counseling!

    1. Thank you, Amy, and my pleasure! I've got a book reserved for you ... PM or email me if you want it to say something specific.


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