Climate Changers Finale

The time has come for my Climate Changers Finale; after showcasing some of my favorite Climate Changers, this post will be the last in that series.

Today, I celebrate a plethora of people
who individually and collectively are changing the world ... 
for good!

Let's start with the mom who contacted me after reading about Buddy Benches to see if her Girl Scout troop could make a few and donate them to our school. I'm pretty sure we said "yes!" before she even finished asking. Imagine the meeting spot that these benches will become ... I can't wait!

Let's move on to all of the educators at the schools who've earned the distinction of 2014 National School of Character because of their commitment to the heart work of educating 'value-able' citizens to lead us into the future. Just this week, our Secretary of Education had this to say about those Climate Changers:

My next group of Climate Changers are those volunteers who help make these schools run smoothly. Nancy, one of my favorite volunteers of all time, moved to Colorado this past year and I miss her terribly, but her legacy at our school lives on every time we carry out the projects that she was a critical part of like Book Fair, Career Day, and Supplies for Our Soldiers. The good part of letting that Climate Changer leave is that she and her family have taken our character mission to another corner of the world ... and it looks like I may be headed there for a book signing in September. Fingers crossed!

Another group of Climate Changers that I want to commend and showcase are our mentors. This is probably a dwindling population with our 21st-century learners but they're probably more needed now than ever. I know a certain independent college kid who doesn't typically ask for anything but clearly benefitted from some mentoring a few days ago. Mentors, like volunteers, give up their time and talent without asking for anything in return but in a great twist, their investment usually nets high dividends for the future of their field. Thank you, Mr. LaRocca, for your investment this week. You helped change the climate in our corner of the world.

Though I could go on and on, the final Climate Changers I'd like to thank are service people in our communities. Peace officers. Police officers. EMTs. Firemen and women. Military personnel. Mail carriers. Trash and Recycling pick-up workers. Attorneys. Judges. Small business owners. Auto repair people. Farmers. Counselors. Church workers. Grocery store workers. Air conditioning people. Electricians. Teachers. Bakers. Custodians. Janitors. Medical professionals. Please put yourself on the list, which seems endless, if I've somehow missed you. 

And when people serve, they're positively making a difference
and the climate changes ... for good. 
When they work hard 
and they're kind, honest, and fair, 
and when they give generously
and love unconditionally,
incredible things can happen.
The real global warming happens! 
Yesterday, when our exterminator showed up, on time, he greeted me enthusiastically and was so eager to share that, since we'd last seen one another, he'd rented the movie Pay It Forward (adding that he almost cried!) and then found himself paying for the customer behind him in the line at Jack-In-The-Box. Because of a conversation we'd had three months ago. 
About the bumper sticker on my car. 

I'm just so thankful for Climate Changers.

What will you do to be one today? 

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  1. I sure like that Buddy Bench idea!!!


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