Dear Newbie Guest Post

Yesterday was such a super Sunday. 

First, I was invited by my friend Misty to guest post for this Time 2 Teach series that she's hosting. Basically she's gathering veteran teachers like me and asking for their advice as she officially launches into her first school year with a class of her own. What advice would you offer a rookie to our field? An offshoot that you could use with your students on the first day/week back? Have them write a letter telling you what they're hoping as part of your class family during their 2014-2015 school-year dash.

Click this picture of my school to read my letter to her.

Yay Misty ... great idea ... what a gift!

Another reason for my excitement yesterday was getting four copies of Carol McCloud's Bucket Filler Coloring Book in the mail from the expert Bucket Filler herself! I was able to give three of them away and I can't wait to use the fourth copy in my counseling this year. Carol is always so generous in sharing her resources with us and I am incredibly grateful to be in her circle of friends.

A third reason for yesterday's greatness was meeting up with my midwest blogging buddy Patty, who came to town to meet her new granddaughter.

Although she hardly looks retirement-ready, Patty just finished up 36 years of teaching second grade and has officially hung up her cape. But no worries, because she still has plans to blog, create her fantastic lessons for TpT, substitute when needed, and volunteer to help our superheroes soar.

And as if my bucket weren't already overflowing, a group of teacher-blogging friends have decided to do a book study on ... drum roll please ... What's Under Your Cape? ... in mid July ... like in two weeks! That sends my heart soaring because I cannot wait to hear what these master teachers have to say as they reflect on my words and then what they would do as they enrich my work and make it their own for their very own superheroes.

So mark your calendars for July 14th and get ready to study along. 
Or as this song would say, Cape Up!

And now I'm off for a jolt-o-java with Ginger, my mentor from
my very first counseling job at Pearland High in 1995.
Could I fly any higher?
What's got you soaring to new heights today?

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  1. Wow lady! You really filled MY bucket in so many ways today! Thank you so much for making time to meet with me (and thank you Christina for having your phone with you to take our picture!) god somehow brought us together and nothing can separate us now.....not even a few thousand miles!
    Second In Line


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