Doused With Dopamine

If I were any happier, I'd have to be twins ... or triplets ...

Words will likely fail to convey the amazing natural high that I've been on during my time on the road with my character campaign.
First stop: The Show-Me State. That's where I met Tracy, a counseling colleague who was kind enough to pick me up from the airport before we'd ever even met in real life. We connected instantly and, when my flight was delayed, her family adopted me for their family dinnertime at this delicious pizza place. If her hospitality in anyway parallels what the people of Missouri are all about, then I can't get back there soon enough! My only regret is that I didn't get the character cam out to capture those moments, but they're precious moments etched in my heart and soul.

Then it was on to Wisconsin that night, so that I could present another workshop, this time in my home state. Thirteen family members {including my mom, dad, and sister!} joined that group of character educators for my workshop. 

After some much-needed summer savoring and family time, 
I headed to San Diego to stay here for a few days:

La Casa De Paz ... its name says it all.  Pure decadence!
I am enjoying connecting in a new place with some new friends.

Maybe you recognize Lisa from Growing Firsties (bottom R) or Shawna from The Picture Book Teachers Edition (bottom L).
Kim from Joy in Sixth was there, too, but she insisted
on playing paparazzi, 'cause service to others is how she rolls.
I also met Jill (top right), one of the co-founders of Kids For Peace, and found out about {and signed up for} the 
Won't you join us?

This afternoon I'll be meeting Sylvia from Learning With Mrs. Parker after school. Can life get any better?

My happiness hormones are engaged in rapid fire.
What {or who} is dispensing dopamine in your Corner today?


  1. YOU are dispensing dopamine in my corner today! I just LOVE feeling your JOY as you post about your travels and connections! So happy for you!!

  2. It was such a joy to see you today. I am so happy that our paths crossed in real life. We must chat soon.

  3. I love that you're loving this adventure!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Sounds like a fantastically JOYful journey!!


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