Field Days & An Interview

Today's our second to the last day as we wrap up another school year. 
Last week Thursday and Friday we were rained out . . .

so today we're finally having Field Day.
All. day. long. I'm predicting it'll be a blast!
And praying the mosquitoes won't be too bad.

Here's a pictorial review of yesterday's big event:

Yep, the books arrived.
I took a half day off and Jacob helped get those books into the house.
My friend Deanna brought lunch and I signed my first book.
John came home with a bouquet of flowers
and I caught him sneaking a peek of the book.
It takes a village ...

If you'd like to read another author interview,
head over to the Character Educator to see what
my friends at the Josephson Institute of Ethics
asked me about the writing process.

If you have a book coming,
watch your mail ... I sent quite a few yesterday
and will send some more today and tomorrow.
And if you'd like to review it on your blog, 
or at Amazon or B&N online,
I'd be ever so grateful!

For now, I need to find some sunscreen for today's subtropical outing!
Sing it with me: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine ...


  1. Yay for a house full of books!!!!!

  2. I got my book, and I'm so excited to read it and leave a review. I'll send you some money too. Congrats!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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