E Is For Empathy

Today we get to elicit empathy over at EduKate And Inspire
Kate brings to the the book study experience and training as a teacher and a counselor and she's sharing not only her reflections, but also some book suggestions, a few film clips and several other activities to enrich the empathy experience. {She's also got a signed copy up for grabs!}

Thank you, Kate, for helping bring Chapter 4 to life.

I started really focusing on elevating empathy four years ago after I heard CEP Board Member, Author and Parenting Expert Dr. Michele Borba address it in her keynote at the Character Conference in Wisconsin. It really clicked with me, that we needed to nurture, stretch, and grow this glorious virtue. Now it's a word that every child in our school knows and a skill that they, as peacemakers, are working on every day. We even have a silent signal to make concrete the intangible concept of switching places with someone. Click {here} for a video clip of first-grade Charlotte modeling the empathy switch. Just like with expressing empathy, it can be extremely challenging for that pinky and that thumb to fluidly switch places, to walk in someone else's shoes, but with practice, they can do it.

Enjoy Sue Lively's beautiful piece with ten ideas for teaching empathy {here}. 
Watch Dr. Brene Brown's The Power Of Empathy {here}. 
Read an interview with David Levine {here}.
Then find more empathy activity ideas on my 
Elevating Empathy Pinterest page {here}. 

And look at what our PE Coach posted after she read the Empathy Chapter and engaged her first-grade son:

For more empathy goodness, click {here}. 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing a link to our E is for Empathy post as well at One Time Through! Much appreciated! I have enjoyed exploring your site. Best, Sue

  2. Wow nice ways to look at Empathy. Loved the clips especially the Coke one. Thank you.


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