E Is For Enthusiasm

Today finds us on Chapter 7, excited about enthusiasm with Lorraine from Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies. She's already written about the book once 
(a sort of teaser when we first started) here. Lorraine is one of the most enthusiastic teachers I've never met ... but all that's going to change on Monday, because she's offered to come with me to my workshop to help manage book sales. 
That, and it's an excuse for us to finally meet.

Click the banner or {here} to be ignited by her reflections. 
Super Froggy Lorraine writes with such great passion and voice that you're sure to feel a spark that could easily set the world on fire.

I'm going to be honest, this was a difficult chapter to write, because I wasn't even sure I could convince anyone that you really could teach enthusiasm. But I'm pretty sure we're not born with enthusiasm, necessarily, so I gave it a shot. Look what I spotted recently at Really Good Stuff. Thanks, Brandi. 

So where do your passions lie? 
What are you enthusiastic about? 
And how do those connect to make things happen?

In research for this post, I came across some interesting info from Consultant Barbara Glanz about Contagious Enthusiasm. Words that she equates with enthusiasm are spirit, pride, passion, morale, and attitude
{I'd have loved to be in the workshop where she gave out that handout!}

LOVE this from a Tweet Chat this morning: 

This Simple Truths clip that showcases Vince Lombardi uses the word spirit as well, but also throws in two other E words: excellence and effort.

Funny thing is, when we're passionate and enthusiastic,
everybody wins.
Days go by faster and jobs don't feel like work.

Now think about one of the most passionate people you know.
I'm going with Ron Clark.
He exudes enthusiasm from every pore. To the core.
I got to meet him once, back in 2008, and I can still feel it.

He lives his life large, with passion. I admire that.
And, in turn, I want strive to be like that.

Just for fun, I sent him a copy of the book ... and a challenge.

I know he's busy, but anything's possible ...

Dave Burgess' book Teach Like A Pirate is another treasure that challenges teachers to be passionate about what they do. Every day. In it, he wonders aloud whether teachers have lessons that they could sell tickets for. Hmmmmmm. So I sent him a copy of the book, too. Our JH teaching staff read the book over the summer and will set sail with a book study this upcoming year. I can wait to see what its ideals will ignite in them and how it will ultimately transform them. 

E is for enthusiasm. What are you enthusiastic about today?

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  1. WOW, Barbara... Just reading this post ignites enthusiasm! You've inspired my day!

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