Serving Up Some Magic

When people connect, magical things happen.
First ... some good news
This station up in WI featured my brother and nephew as a father-son duo playing in a VB tourney together. So refreshing to see a positive news clip. 

P is for perseverance. Congratulations, Paul, for being inducted into this tournament's Hall of Fame for a quarter century of participation and leadership. How many people do you know who've stuck with something recreational long enough so that their teenaged son could join them in the magic?

Here's a post-induction magical moment
that suits me to a T ... wish I'd been there!

Nice shot, Mark!

And the VB court isn't the only place you can serve up some magic. How would you serve in an airport? Let someone in a hurry go in front of you? Hold a door opened for someone? Give up your seat when it's crowded? Click the graphic to see the creative idea Sheila and her boys have for passing them time on travel.

Have you tried to the catch-the-virtual-virtues-in-a-bag trick with your little magicians yet?  Click {here} to watch a demo and see how you might integrate it this year. The lunch sack is such a powerful visual because virtues feed and grow our heart like food feeds and grows our body, right?

Need some back-to-school ideas to magically connect your kids? Laura at Corkboard Connections has a Caring Class resource round-up {here}.  

Oh, and there are now over 50 pins posted on my new 
Pinterest Board featuring Character Education Object Lessons. If you've got an object lesson to share, please leave your link in the comments.

Oh, and yesterday when I needed a laugh, I came up with the idea to put this notice atop the pile of Jacob's folded laundry 
{because who does he think magically does this for him?}. 

Can you believe that he told me I have entirely too much time on my hands? Yep, time ... and laundry!

Laughter = pure magic.

Tomorrow we'll head to Wisconsin to visit Lisa and to Arizona to check in on Misty and see what these two magically-creative character educators have to say about Chapter 3 and 'stick-to-it-tiveness' in our superheroes.
I can't wait.

Wait, what? This is the first you've heard about the book study?
No worries. Click {here} to go to Curls and a Smile for a list of posts and links about the book that'll take you all the way back to the end of May at its release.

What's happening that's magical in your world today?

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