P Is For Perseverance

Do you know the word stick-to-it-tiveness?

As I was growing up, I was sure that my Aunt Norma made it up.
But look what I found at the Miriam-Webster site:

The citation goes on to refer to it as "dogged perseverance."

I like that. To keep on keeping on, even when it's
Grueling even.

 Chapter 3 is about sticking with something.
Finishing the race.
Giving it all you've got.
Leaving it all on the field.
Achieving personal best.

In it, I share an essay Kaitlyn wrote as a young teenager.
Here's a news clip of the interview she gave when an excerpt from those reflections won a lawn mower and $5K for her school in the Briggs & Straton Diamonds In The Rough contest.

Attitude is everything.
So my brother Mark put it on a billboard.

Just yesterday, I got this perfect piggyback to that sentiment.
{Thank you, Lynne!}

In this tail-wagging series, author Lynne Watts draws on her experience as an elementary school counselor to empower students as they read about what Wyatt learns while he explores and grows. This particular title finds Wyatt filled with thoughts of doubt and uncertainty. He wants to try new stuff like skim boarding, but he's not sure he can do it. Isn't it safer to just not try? The example that Wyatt's Grandparents set helps him become a can-doer and ultimately develop a new skill. 

Talk about your dogged perseverance! 

Discussion questions at the end will help tease out comprehension; the audio version is available {here}. Check out this book to wander - and wonder - with Wyatt!

Then click {here} to see this inspirational story. A disabled vet, Arthur was told he wouldn't ever walk unassisted again, but he found someone who didn't believe that, who wanted more for Arthur. It connects toWyatt's Grandma in the book through yoga, a medium they both used to find the balance they need to persevere, get things done, and finish the race.

What a fun task to be called to, 
empowering our superheroes with 
'can-do' thoughts 
that will result in 
'did do' accomplishments.

Oh, and treat yourself to visits with Lisa at Growing Firsties for her thoughts about Chapter 3 and a few freebies.

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  1. Thank you so much Barbara for your lovely and enthusiastic review of my latest Wyatt book! Wishing you much success with your newly published book as well. It is awesome!!


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