That's a Great Idea!

If only I had a quarter, a dime, no, a nickel for every time I've heard someone say "That's a great idea!" 
I really feel like I'd have a small fortune in the bank. 
My sister tells me the same thing. 
You see, we're idea people.
Sometimes the ideas are small and ordinary.
Other times they're ginormous and outlandish.
So, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this treasure 
on the shelves at Barnes & Noble yesterday.
It addresses that very gift: ideas.
Ideas that intrigue.
Ideas that influence.
Ideas that inspire.
Ideas that irritate?  {Sometimes ...}
Ideas that initiate.
Ideas that innovate.
Ideas that improve.

Masterfully written by Kobi Yamada
Creatively illustrated by Mae Besom

The little one in this whimsical tale gets an idea. 
But at first, "It seemed kind of strange and fragile." 
So the child ignores it, walks away from it,
and acts as if "it didn't belong to me."

You can probably predict with certainly
that the idea follows our narrator,
and you'd be right.

So that's all I'm going to tell you ...
to whet your appetite ...
because I think you'll want to learn
what to do with an idea
by reading this gem aloud with your next class family.

A few things you might want your idea magnets to notice:

*The feeling words, like fragile, magical, silly
Why is it sometimes hard to own our feelings?
What makes it difficult to share those feelings with others? 
*The color change from start to finish
When does it subtly start to happen?
What makes its intensity increase?
*The idea's values like purpose, persistence and perseverance
The perfect place to talk about personification.
*When the idea bursts opened and takes flight
Where's it going?
What must that feel like for the idea? 
For the child?
What's the end result?
Does that seem pie-in-the-sky?
Or possible?

Hey, I have an idea ...
I think I'll use this one in my opening peace class
when school's back in session.
I cannot wait to see where my peacemakers 
take this creative metaphor.
Then I just might suggest that they draw one of their ideas.
To give it a size, a shape, some sizzle.
Or paint its picture with sparkle words.
Or write it out as a limerick or riddle. 
Is that a great idea, or what?

{And, just to be clear, I wouldn't take a nickel for that one,
because it was me saying it ... }

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