Excellence A Hallmark

Excellence typically starts with a blank wall ... 

and an idea.

It needs a painter and some paint.

Sometimes it needs scaffolding and a ladder.

You can't rush excellence, 
so you'll also need some time. 

There will be highs and lows as you pursue it.

But the finished product always proves that

the benefit of excellence far outweighs the cost.

Can you tell that I'm tickled pink about our Character Cloud?
What a delight it was this week to watch 
excellence in progress.
And now, the writing's on the wall in our Character Court.
Hand-drawn and painted by Kathy Hammond, our local muralist.
Thank you, Kathy, for sharing your time and talent with us.

And if that mural didn't send me soaring out of this world, last night took me to new heights as we spent three hours watching the pageantry of excellence come to life on the big screen. Every single word on that wall personified by these wickedly-talented young musicians and put into practice until it becomes a habit as they compete in the 2014 Drum Corps International (DCI) Competition Prelims. 
It was, indeed, Big, Loud and Live!

Excellence is front-page news, friends; 
click the graphic to read all about the Cavaliers.

I'd like to be able to pick a favorite performance or Corps,
but, like the words on the wall, each show
has significance, elegance, grandeur and connection.
And though the Blue Devils continue to come out on top, I'm here to say that they are all winners in their pursuit of excellence.

Not only have these future leaders spent their summers learning music and rhythm, but they're taking away lessons in determination, diligence, and drive that will last them a lifetime.

So today I'm appreciating excellence and admiring
the DCI organization and all of those committed to entertain and inspire through the visual arts. 
Thank you for making excellence a hallmark.

Tomorrow our book study concludes over at
Curls and a Smile. Won't you join us?


  1. Oh my goodness that mural is outstanding! Totally jealous up north here! :)

  2. Is there anyway for you to post what font you used with each word?

    1. Hi, Hope. That's a great question. I can ask my muralist; she drew them up by hand. Of course, compassion is the Disney font and hope is the Harry Potter font. Let me ask her for you!


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