S Is For Self-Discipline

We have almost reached the finish line!
Have you been reading along?
I'm so grateful to all of my blogging buddies
for their thoughtful reflections and fun activity ideas.
Today we head north to Canada to learn with Jennifer

This is the chapter that had the most revisions.
I guess that makes sense,
because my stamina was waning, but it's also
because I kept losing focus of my audience.
I found myself switching back to being a mom
instead of writing as an educator.
Because, in reality, I'm both.
So caregivers ... this chapter is for us.
Whether you're empowering and arming your superheroes with self-discipline at school or at home,
you're giving them a gift that'll keep on giving.

Think change: From Let It Go to Let It Grow.

Do you know the story of the Butterfly's Struggle?
Such a perfect illustration of why self-discipline is life-changing.

It's oh, so hard, to let them struggle.

Need real-life examples of self-control application?
Watch these kid take the Marshmallow Test {here}.
Then enjoy words of wisdom from Scary Mommy {here}.

But the lessons in self-control, self-discipline, and self-regulation
will ultimately help them soar to new heights. 
Isn't that what we want for our superbutterflies?

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  1. A colleague at my school shows the marshmallow test to her students. I like to tell my students that waiting is hard work but that we can do it.


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