Monday Made It: Just Peachy

Just another Monday, except that it's Joshua's first day back at band and my last Monday off for the summer of 2014. If I could save time in a bottle ... 

Last time I linked up, Tara came by the Corner and commented that I should have written a post about the book. What? What?? Me, talk about the book? 
What a novel idea {tee hee}.

And, since I love Tara, I am going to talk a bit about the book. 
In a little bit. 
First things first. 
Doesn't this butter bread look just peachy?
It's hands-down my favorite treat ever {when enjoyed just out of the oven, that is}
Its buttery-deliciousness is unparalleled if the peaches are just right, though I've been known to substitute blueberries when peaches are out of season.

So there it is. My Monday Made-It.
Just Peachy Butter Bread.
What? You'd like to make one, too?
Well, it's super easy!

1 stick of butter  
Melt this in the oven in the pan while you're mixing the other ingredients.
1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar, 1 tsp. baking powder, 1 cup milk
Use bowl with lid and shake these ingredients together until well mixed.
Pour this liquid mixture over the melted butter in the pan.
2 cups sliced fresh peaches
Place the fruit into the batter. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.
Bake for about 50 minutes. Cool slightly, then enjoy.
Have I mentioned that it's tastiest when warm?
Chewy, gooey, savory wonderfulness!

Anyway, when I'm not cooking up something in my kitchen,
I'm gathering and sharing ideas to make life more joyfully palpable.
Last October, I was approached by a publisher, let's call her Marian, about sharing those strategies in a book. It wasn't the first time anyone had ever asked if I'd written a book; that's a fairly common question after people attend my workshops. My pat answer would be that I did have a enough content for a book and that you could access it for free online at my school's website and my blog. But Marian wasn't satisfied with that answer, so we collaborated, and, eight months later, my baby book was born.

Maybe you've seen the cover graphic ... 
or ... maybe you have a copy?
Several of my friends actually read it pre-release
because I needed endorsements,
like this one from Lisa at Growing Firsties.

So I pretty much wrote non-stop for two months and submitted my rough draft on New Year's Eve of 2013. Then we went into editing, followed by revisions, more editing, proofing, more proofing, layout, still more proofing, final sign-off {scary!} and print. My little handbook was released on May 30, 2014, and my copies were delivered June 2nd, the day after my 53rd birthday, proof that you're never too old and it's never too late ... 

The book has a FB page {here} and a Pinterest page {here}.
It's been a blast collecting superhero-themed stuff!
I wrote this little cadence last week if you want to grab it:

The book study continues tomorrow; we're on Chapter 10.
Come back for the links to posts written by Jana and Danielle!

What have you made lately?
Why not head to Tara's beautiful blog and share!

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  1. Of course you're never too old! I'm so happy to see this post...I agree it was due. So glad Marian didn't take "no" for an answer! What a fabulous summer you've had sharing, sharing, and more sharing of this wonderful resource. Can't wait to see how it exponentially impacts so many once the school year starts and the strategies take on new life...........great stories to come, I just know it!


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