E Is For Encouragement

Today I'm up at school doing kindergarten screenings.
I can't wait to meet these little superheroes
Here are my two creations from yesterday.

This one was inspired by the boards {here}.

If U R Frozen, we're hAPPy to help.

Such a kick, when it all comes together and makes a great visual.
Now, it's time to get back to our book study.
I can't wait to read what Jana and Danielle have to say about
There might even be a chance to win a signed copy ... just sayin' ...

This was posted online yesterday; isn't it so true?

And I found this one last week:

Click graphic for source.
When I got to this chapter, I vacillated momentarily between excellence and encouragement, but I really felt like it was important to include the word courage, that all-important antidote to fear. Fear underlies so many of the issues that I help children {and adults!} process. And yes, even superheroes need a healthy dose of encouragement and cheer.

Need some ideas and inspiration?
Let's start with Sesame Street.

*If you aren't using Dr. Jean's cheers to celebrate in your classroom, I'd encourage you do try them. You can download picture cards for your Cheer box {here}.
*Marissa has some awesome ideas for helping with courage {here}.
*Your Voice Of Encouragement has a thought-provoking post {here}.
*Alfie Kohn's Encouraging Courage article is available {here}.

Who do you know who has the gift of encouragement?
Have you thanked him or her lately?
How will you encourage someone today?

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  1. I love visiting your site Barbara to see what new and Exciting ideas you have to share with the world. Your blog helps me stay connected to you and school. I miss you all already. How fitting that todays character word is Encouragement.....my new hero, May Marshall and my two beautiful daughters have given me the encouragement to face myself in the mirror for who God created me to be. I can't wait to share my story with your friend.


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