A Picture's Worth

Today I'm excited because my friend Anna 
drew and colored this problem poster for us.

I like to use pictures as a focus in peace class.
And Anna wanted to help me.
So we created a win-win ... isn't it awesome?
Tell me you agree that she ought to illustrate books!

I see so much value in discussing this quick snapshot in time.
I'll start by asking some questions
and see where they take us.

What's happening in this scene?
What does the mom want?
What does the boy want?
These will be pretty easy to suppose based on what they see.
What does the mom feel?
This can be answered pretty easily, taking their cues from her face.
What is the boy feeling?
That one's tough, because we can't see his face.
That's where empathy comes in. 
They'll have to switch places with him,
to put themselves in that child's shoes,
and that'll authenticate their responses!

For fun, ask them to switch places with the mom, too.
How many times has she asked him to stop playing?
How can she get him to listen to and mind her?
Does this ever happen to them in their house?
How can they change that?

You could also play I Spy
or help them come around to self-regulation.
Then talk about the stakeholders in this situation,
because there could be a dad in this picture, right?
Maybe in the other room? Or not home from work yet?
How else might you use this picture?


  1. Wow! That's one talented young artist!
    Great questions, too.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Designs

  2. Such a creative activity. I love the poster and your questions. Kudos to the artist. (I've tried posting this twice, so I hope it takes this time.)

  3. A pretty great picture and a pretty great exercise to go with! Thanks for sharing!


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