The Path To A New Beginning

All we need is love ... can you hear the Beatles singing? 
It seems waaaaaaaay too simple, right? 
But look at how true this graphic that I captured from a Twitter chat is ... 
can you feel it to the core?

U is for unconditional love. Chapter 2 in my book.
It's no secret that I think we need to 
affirm more and criticize less.
I love to affirm people, 
to catch them making good choices, 
and to delight in their presence even if their choices aren't all that good. 
To let them know that they are loved.

Look at this lovely idea from our beloved Coach.
She's going into classrooms and putting sticky-note affirmations
on her students' desks. Talk about love that sticks!

And who doesn't love to be affirmed?
To have someone tell you that you are loved.
That you are valued. And valuable.
It's not always easy.
In fact, most of the time it's hard.
Really, really difficult.
Challenging even.
Some people seem really unlovable.
Those are the people who need our unconditional positive regard the most.
So we must press on.
Because there's too much anguish in this world
not to be the peacemaker who makes a difference.

Grab a snack and your joy journal or blessings book
and prepare to be moved to love.
One child at a time.
One adult at a time.
One neighbor, friend or {gasp} enemy at a time.
One day. at. a. time.

WoW ... just WoW!
I'm thankful to The Letters of Gratitude for that reflection.
Won't you join me down the path to a new beginning ......

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  1. Barbara, thank you for the inspirational post this morning. The stories of life are so amazing. Thanks for reminding me to hear other stories and love unconditionally. I love the video at the end. What a gift. ~ Tara


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