Stand Up & Stomp It

Today we're wearing blue to take a stand and say
 that we won't stand for bullying behaviors.

Have you heard the haunting ballad STAND?
So important that we spread the word ...

... to let people know that kindness matters.
And that it's not okay to be mean and to bully.

Our peace classes focused on kindness these past two weeks
and I went back and forth using two books:

Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson and
One Voice by Cindy McKinley.

The message in both of these treasures rings true: 
Even one little kindness can change the world. 
But, unfortunately, so can one case of bullying.
Both can ripple out and touch lives in ways we can't even imagine.
They're both game changers: 
Kindness and Bullying.
Positivity and Negativity.
Peace and War.

And the cool thing is that every day we get to choose.
Will be we kind or unkind?
Will we create positive or negative energy?
Will we perpetrate peace or war?

Sounds waaaaaaaaaay too simple.
But it's true.

This month I'm trying an experiment.
I've got a wristband from The Josh Stevens Foundation,
much like the middle one, but mind reads: Kind is the new cool.

Anyway, my plan is to wear it on my right wrist, because being kind is the right thing to do. Then, when I find myself being unkind or thinking and unkind thought or missing an opportunity to be kind, I'm going to move that wristband to my left wrist. When it's on my left wrist, it's not right, so the goal will be to find an opportunity to move it back to the right by ... you guessed it ... looking for and seizing the chance to show a kindness. 
To make it right. 
To be kind.

I hope that this tangible touchstone will help keep
mean thoughts and unkind words at bay.
And focus me in on intentional kindness.
I'll be sharing the results in my keynote on Halloween.

What do you do to teach your kiddos to stand?

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