Six Kind Ways Guest Post

Today I'm delighted because it's World Kindness Day
and I'm guest posting over at the Character Educator. Click the graphic that I created from the autumn Texas skyline that we woke up to one day this week to read the post of ideas adapted from my kindness keynote.

In keeping with my Kindness Week celebration, 
here are a few more kind acts that have brought me great joy.

The first came from a second grader, who found me in the hallway yesterday 
and gave me a little book, simply called Joy. 
It's filled with all sorts of quotes, like this one: 

So kind of her to make that kind connection.

Another kindness came in the mail, from Montana. An educator whom I've never met came across an article in Teaching Tolerance magazine that I wrote in 2006 and she sent it to me, along with the sign language for the words of the poem I wrote for the post. How thoughtful is that?

She must know that we use some signs in our school,
and she took it a step further and created these pages.

Kindness ... global warming of the real kind.

And just this week I've received numerous nice notes, one from Wisconsin, another from NJ, and a third from Canada, just out of the blue, just because. It feels so rewarding to be on the receiving end of affirmation and appreciation.

So today I'm grateful. 

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