So He'll Be Happy

This morning I'm excited because I get to host our district Counselors' meeting at our school. I used my Kohl's Cash to pick up an assortment of flavored K-cups so we can have a hot beverage on our first cold day. We're going to drink out of real coffee mugs to school and there'll be a tall carton of half & half to sweeten the deal. We're also having pumpkin bread, so I made a mini to surprise someone. 

I usually send it along with Joshua, since it's not as common that we treat our high school teachers to something special, but today he opted not to take it. So I'll be leaving it with a Westwood friend; it's so much fun to leave a sweet treat on a colleague's desk, just because. 

And I've got a sweet story to share.

Late last week, a third-grade girl came to find me before school. That's not hard to do, because I'm typically at the front greeting students as they come in, but I know she had to search since she's a bus rider who gets dropped off in the back. She had these two things in her hands:

A girl of few words, she simply said, I brought this for you.

Me: Oh my goodness. He's adorable. 
Are you sure you want me to have him?

Student: Yes, Mrs. Gruener, she replied matter-of-factly. He was not treated very well at his old school and I know he'll be happy here with you.

Sometimes there are no words.
Happy Wednesday.

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