A Tweet For The Smile File

Since I'll be working at the Junior High helping out with 9th-grade registration the next two days, I'm feeling exhausted to have just finished my peace-class lessons with two fewer days. 

Last week, toward the end of day one of our fairness lesson, one of our students said that they thought we ought to give a wow award to their teacher. Well, isn't that a cool idea? So I went with it by asking what they would say about why they were giving her the award; the things they were coming up with touched my heart. 

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So I decided we ought to document as students shared their 
sweet sentiments:
She always gives us a second chance.
She is beautiful and she is pretty.
She has a heart full of love.
She is kind and is fair.
She has empathy.
She believes in us.
She is joyful. 
She is nice.

{A slightly altered version of these Tweet cards from Really Good Stuff worked perfectly.} Students in second and third were able to pass the clipboard and write their own compliments; students in K and 1st dictated as I scribed. The end result? 
A tweet affirmation sheet for the Smile File.

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