Tuesday Treasures

Today I'm eager to share a few treasures,
most of which speak for themselves.
First, this quote, from a Principal friend in New Jersey.
Thank you, Jay Billy.

How do you feel about taking the road less traveled?
Second, an amazingly joyful song ... oh to be this innocent again!

"We are how we treat each other - and nothing more."
Wouldn't that be a fun phrase to ask for student reflections on?
I'm told that you can use the song but upload your own video.
Do let me know where it's posted if you try that.

Third, Peter H. Reynolds' genius take on testing.

We must let students know that they are more than a snapshot.

Fourth, a great clip about the happy brain that would pair nicely

Fifth, do nice guys finish last ... or first?

Wait, what? Niceness trumps everything?
Sounds like it.
I love how birds help each other out and how selfish birds are shunned from cooperating communities. Even animals have a "you help me and I'll help you" altruistic code. Fascinating.

Finally, do you have the new Burgess treasure yet?
Our Principal and I got our copies of P Is For Pirate on Friday.

Patch says, "J is for jewel."

Terri says, "E is for ecstatic!"
And I say, "T is for Thankful."

What hidden must-haves have you uncovered lately?

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