Create A Kindness Synergy

The Great Kindness Challenge starts tomorrow,
but it got a jump start on Balmoral Court yesterday. 

You see, I was out in the street in the afternoon, 
sweeping what was left of that torrential downpour 
away from curb, around the cul-de-sac, and down the drain.
Across the street, I had to move some leaves into a pile
away from the curb to get the water to flow.

That's when a young girl came riding up on her bike.
She introduced herself as my "neighbor's granddaughter."
When I asked her if she had a name, she responded, "Justice."
I told her that was a fun name, and she agreed.
"I even have a store named after me," she chided.
I added, "Well, your name is also something that people want; 
everyone wants Justice, that's for sure."
And then, I pointed to that pile of leaves on the other side of the street, and asked her if I ought to move them or leave them there. She looked and quickly decided I could probably just leave them there. I asked what would happen if I left them there, and she said that they'd probably blow away. Then she whooshed away on her bike like the water I was pushing down the street, toward the drain. 
I guess I was hoping for a different answer.
What I didn't count on was what happened next. 
Justice was headed back my way, 
this time on foot, 
with garden gloves on her hands, 
a trash bag in her hands, 
and her brother following behind. 
"This is my brother Sebastian," she said. "We're good helpers." And sure enough, they helped me pick up those leaves and then asked if they could try sweeping the water. You better believe I handed them my broom. 

Throw Kindness Like Confetti
Paper by Barbara Leyne Designs
So today I'm thinking about kindness.
The kind of kindness that blows around all over, 
like those leaves ...  or confetti ... 
but doesn't make a mess.
The kind that creates a movement, like that water,
The kind that brings someone along to help.
The kind that looks outside of herself and what she wants, 
to someone else and what they need.
The kind that says you matter; 
let me help you with that.

The kind of kindness that can will change the future.
For good.
The kind that Kid President talks about with 
passion and purpose, 
energy and enthusiasm.

What will you do to change tomorrow today?

Be the reason somebody dances this week. ~Kid President
Get to it.


  1. What a couple of sweethearts! I love that story.

  2. That is one great story Ms Gruener!! You just seem to be a magnet for that kindness energy! I guess probably because you radiate so much of it yourself!!


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