Loving Kindness, Inspiring Joy

 It's heeeeeeere! 
The Great Kindness Challenge 2015.
Look what I found on my table waiting for me today
from a bucket-filling first-grade friend:

Mr. Whitlock and I worked together to put our message on the marquee 
inviting our community to celebrate with us.

I thoroughly enjoyed personally giving out my hand-made magnetic cards to our staff family members on the preK-3rd site this morning. At the 4th & 5th grade side, I left them in this little basket.

Today's kindness Day Maker stars our friends at the district Print Shop. Since their load has been extra heavy lately, they've gotten behind, and our GKC checklists didn't come in on schedule last week. So this morning when I called, they said that we were in the queue for tomorrow. But then kids won't have them until Wednesday when the week is half over, I heard myself say. When she gave me the option to "rush order" it, I decided against bumping another order just to get ours done and told her I would pick our printing up tomorrow at noon.

Within the hour, I had a phone message from ... you guessed it ... Judy at the Print Shop, telling me that our GKC checklist was printed and ready to go. So touched by her kindness in getting it done, I ran by McDonald's and picked up a tote of warm chocolate chip cookies to leave with them when I picked up our printing. They're busy, but still they found a way to help us out, proof that an act of kindness doesn't have to be great to be grand.

What Kind Act did you experience on Day One of the Great Kindness Challenge? Were you on the giving side, the receiving side, or both? Because kindness is like that, you know. It always boomerangs back, sometimes when we least expect it. 

Want a little something to seal the deal? Teach your kind kids this poem using motions from the Hand Jive:  

Do a kind act, it'll boomerang back.
Give kind, get kind ... just like that!

Before I sign off, a few links to share:
1. See our UNLESS bulletin board featured at MPM {here}.
2. Read about Opening Doors at Connected Principals blog {here}.
3. Experience the kindness shown by this first-grade friend:

May your week be bursting with outrageous, spontaneous acts 
of loving kindness and inspiring joy.

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  1. you ARE pretty ALLSUM!! I put my magnet on my refrigerator!! It makes me smile!!


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