A Time To Retreat

Today I'm encouraged because our Student Council
counted up our Great Kindness Challenge kindnesses
and look at what we accomplished: 3725 Kind Acts.

Imagine the warmth, the compassion, 
the generosity, the love
that can grow out of just one little act of kindness.

And I'm exhausted. I've been a bit stretched since the holidays.
It really hit home this afternoon, when John and I took a walk to the library to get the tax forms we needed.
The route there takes us right over the bridge
where I was hit two years ago and it was the first time
that I'd been on the bridge on foot since that trauma.
And I realized that I was on edge,
exhausted, emotionally drained.

It has reminded me of the Byrds song Turn Turn Turn.
To everything there is a season.
And this season feels like a time to unplug from this device
and plug in to nature, to exercise, and to getting my garden ready.
I'm going to take a blogging break from the Corner
until I return from the Women's retreat that I'm leading in a month.
I can't wait to tell you all about it.

Blessings until I get back!

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  1. A much-deserved, much-needed break! We will miss you, but it's so important to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, right? Wisdom is knowing when it's time. Sending rejuvenating, restful thoughts and energy your way.♥


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