Building Unity

Tonight I am at once energized and exhausted after my three-day Character Development Seminar as a Character Counts! National Trainer. Woot Woot! It was an intimate group of five school counselors and one Principal. Six superheroes strong, perfect for my first solo flight. 
Together we danced and drew, 

laughed and learned,

played and planned,

studied and strategized,

chatted and collaborated.

After three intense days of pillar infusion, it was really hard  
to let my first group go,
to say so long to them, 
to launch them into greatness,
but I did it with elevated enthusiasm and great confidence, 
because they're ready to change the world,
one heartbeat at a time.
I am super proud of my little graduates.

I'm also excited because Curtis Elementary school counselor Lindsay Fuller wrote a guest post about how she used What's Under Your Cape? this last school year to help her fourth-grade leaders soar. Her post is filled with pictures of her Hero Headquarters and ideas for integrating a superhero theme.

Click the graphic to read all about it!
 Finally, I wrote a guest post about Westwood and Bales for {here}. Earlier this week, it was announced that former Westwood teacher Kristin Moffitt will becoming back home, this time as the Principal at Westwood now that the two campuses are being restored as sister schools.

The Lorax Clip courtesy of Wing Clips

Time to get growing.

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  1. I am glad I found your blog. I'll be sure to follow you. I am brand new to the blogging scene and have a passion for Character Education, (which is what my teaching materials focus on). Looking forward to your future posts.


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