Hero Headquarters

Today I'm excited because my new space is ready for the big reveal after 
putting the finishing touches on Leadership Central this morning.

Welcome to our Hero Headquarters
here's an updated shot of what the entrance to our room looks like.

This poster hangs in the entrance to the left of this spot.

Immediately right, you'll find the Collaboration Center.
Can't you just see an eight-year-old with a dry-erase marker
in his or her hand, collaborating and creating with peers
as they gather together to brainstorm on the peace rug? 

Here's how the Cabinet looks when closed, 
along with a peek at the entrance from the other direction.

Notice the classroom mantra that my friend Lisa from Growing Firsties customized for us. Super sweet! Click {here} to download a copy of the original. My work station is immediately left of this.

I found this cool Mario Power-Up Cube that I'm going to have sitting on my desk with a set of my character cards.

To the right on the back wall, we've got two bulletin boards, one behind the Counselor Cafe table and the other behind the Make 'n Take Center.

In the corner, a Reflection Center with our basket of puppets atop the stool. I'll post questions on this mirror and provide Joy Journals for students' thoughts.

The staging area for the Role Play Center sits in front of my storage rooms and our Peace Room (door # 3), which is set up for de-escalating and calming down.

Our Be the kind of LEADER you would follow mural is to the left.

So that's it. Our Hero Headquarters, inside Leadership Central, 
with decorating help from Lindsay Fuller's ideas {here}.

Can't wait to welcome my superheroes back.
Here's a song that I can totally hear us singing;
super job, Ms. Faven and East Fayette Elementary!

We'll keep the door opened and the music on, 
so fly on in if you're ever in the Friendswood area.


  1. Wow. This is a spectacular room filled with wonderful activities. Enjoy the summer. The super heroes will return in a blink.

  2. You have done a wonderful job in setting up a great environment for the kids. I just know you are going to have a great year!

    Krazy Town

  3. It's such a beautiful space. I wish I had one in my school! Of course, it wouldn't be nearly as beautiful without you in it.


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