Praying For A Sign

For a little over a month now, I've been praying for a sign, something concrete to help me know whether this transfer to work with older kiddos is the path I should go down or if it's that nudge into retirement that I might just need to grow my encore career in consulting and speaking. I've prayed, reflected, processed, cried, chatted, commiserated, walked, even floated on my pool, waiting for a sign.

And today, on my umpteenth trip down the hall,
there it was:

A sign, hanging just outside of my new space,
signed by members of my new school family.
Isn't that oh, so sweet?
Check out the beauty inside those new quarters,
thanks to Kathy Hammond and our PTO.

It's the backdrop for our staging area in Leadership Central. 

{That's what we're calling this room now. We even painted that on the wall at the entrance.}
I can't wait for our first circle-up in there,
to use this masterpiece as a reflection and discussion piece.
Where do you see trustworthiness?
How about empathy?
Which symbols show responsibility?
Why do you think there's a train?
What could the dog symbolize?
And how about that golden ruler?

This week has been at once energizing and exhausting.
My birthday on Monday,
our last full day on Tuesday,
and a half-day today, to launch students into the summer.

Yesterday I spent the morning with my second graders. They're the ones who'll be moving over to Bales to be the first third graders who've ever attended over there. I was happy to help them process their feelings about the move. My heart filled in every class as they'd gasp at the news that I was coming with them, so we could be new and nervous together.

I asked if we ought to bring the puppets and they unanimously voted yes. Then I asked them to feel empathy for the students that we were leaving behind, and they decided it'd be fair to take half of them and leave half for them. When I asked them what they thought a counselor new to Westwood would want or need, it was suggested that she might like some love and a letter. 
So many of them wrote nice notes, like this one ... 

and this one.

Do you see what I adore about second graders?

Anyway, today I survived the big so-long without too many tissues.
It took about thirty seconds in our community gathering this morning for Administration to share the news that their counselors were swapping spots, but I wanted/needed more, so I went say good-bye to the first graders and encourage them to rock the job of role-model big kids now that they'll be the oldest in the school. With the kinder kids, I just went around to give and get hugs.

I feel so much gratitude for those of you who checked in on me,
connected with me, and prayed for me this last month.
And this afternoon, I'm experiencing the clarity and peace
that I was asking for along with that sign,
and I have a sneaking suspicion that it's going to be just fine.


  1. Wow! I've been away from the cyber world for awhile and missed all this about your exciting new adventure!!!! New adventures are a good thing - and this one for you looks like it's going to fit you just fine! I wish you the best!!!!

  2. Well if those things aren't signs, I don't know what is! You're on the right path Barbara! Kids around the world are benefiting from you already, but I believe that those personal connections with children are what fuel you! Either way, have a wonderful summer & I look forward to chatting soon! :)

  3. Wow, that IS a wonderful sign! I, too, was waiting for a sign that it was the right time to transition out of the classroom and into school counseling. My 2nd graders were very upset when they heard our long-time counselor was retiring. I believe I found my sign when I was able to see their excitement when they learned that I would be the new counselor! One of my darlings (whose father passed when he was in first grade) said the sweetest thing to me the last week of school. When I walked students to their buses, he stopped and said, "I can be excited for summer now, Miss B!" When I asked why, he told me that he was upset that he would not have a counselor to talk to next school year, so he did not want the year to end. Then, he said that once he found out it was me, he was ready for summer! Gahhh. Still gives me goosebumps :) I cannot wait for my new journey as a counselor!

    EduKate and Inspire

  4. Wish I knew how to leave emojis on a blog post! So fun to watch your path unfold. Great things are ahead. Can't wait to hear more as time passes.

    Wishing you well! Wear your cape and fly on over.
    Debbie Clement
    Rainbows Within Reach

  5. I wonder what other signs God will give you along the way just when you need them the most. :)


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