Our Brand Promise

Tonight as I unwind and get ready for bed, I'm thinking about the word brand. Not as in brand new, like the outfit I wore to kick off the 2015-2016 school year. And only sort of like brand your herd of cattle, like we did back on the farm. I'm talking specifically about a school's brand, about identifying our product and aligning what we want our customers to think, experience and feel with what they actually do. Look at the card from our District Convocation this morning:

It made me think about branding, and wonder how these words were chosen ... 
and by whom. 
Then I wondered what words I would have chosen, 
what words our stakeholders would choose?

Then my mind went to a picture from a Southwest Ad that I took in the airport on my way to CA. What can you tell about the Southwest brand? Can you tell what they want us to think? What sets them apart? What makes them unique? Authentic? Desirable?

Note: I added the thoughts written on the airplane.

Now go back to our FISD brand.
Couple the word cloud above with our district mission:

Leading To Achieve Excellence In All Endeavors

Can you tell who we are? 
Can you tell what we stand for? 
Can you tell what sets us apart?

How will we know if our Brand Promise delivers?

And, because we're in customer service, let's talk branding in your school, in your classroom, in your family, even.

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What does your brand look like, sound like, feel like?
How can you make sure it accurately showcases your identity?
Who are your brand ambassadors?
Why is branding important?
And how do you share out your school's story?

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