Making Your Mark

Happy International Dot Day. How are you making your mark? At Westwood and Bales, we are celebrating creativity, courage and collaboration and the Peter Reynolds classic story The Dot through our Music and Art classes. Oh, and we're all wearing polka-dots. On picture day. It'll make for a good story later. 
Click {here} for some great activity ideas.
We're having a blast making our mark(s)!

We're also celebrating sweet role models ~ Grandparents ~ this week with a sweet roll breakfast this week. It was so awesome to see the cafeteria filled with these heroes. One of my third graders actually stopped as I was greeting at the door to proudly introduce her three grandparents to me. As I was shaking their hands, I heard her add: And grandparents, this is Mrs. Gruener. Her job is to make sure kids at this school are happy. How's that for a job description!

In other news, I'm getting ready for my next whole-group counseling class. We're going to start by fixing these fixed mindset statements and unlocking them 
into growth mindset reframes. I can't wait.

And finally, a quick update from Leadership Central: I had some special visitors yesterday when kindergarteners from Mrs. Krail's class stopped by to surprise me. So I pulled out a puppet, read them a story, and played The Lava Song on my ukulele while the ones who knew it sang along.

Guess who made their mark on my heart ... 

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