Planting Our Peace Promise

Yesterday we celebrated International Day of Peace
and today I'm still feeling it.

The energy, the excitement ...

the passion, the peace.

This year instead of making the pinwheels in Art class, students took the Pinwheels for Peace template home to work on them as a family. 
And wow, did we get some AmAzInG homework back. 

It's our gift to the community, this peace sign, one thousand pinwheels strong, whirling our promise to be peacemakers out into the world.

Decorated with colorful symbols and reflective words that depict peace, each pinwheel, like the family that created it, tells a story.

 How incredible it was to congregate for our annual planting event under beautiful blue Friendswood skies, to share with the world
 that peace has to start somewhere ... 

why not let it begin with us.

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