Keep It Golden

Our favorite ventriloquist, Dennis Lee, traveled to Friendswood to help us kick off Red Ribbon Week, and look who he brought with him to remind us that as we travel through life and as we write and tell our story that we should always be mindful to keep it golden.

Wolf E. and Sweetie Pie

 and Nicholas, oh my!

They talked with us about moving from me to we ...

and reminded us that everybody has somebody who loves them.

We loved how he spelled the word LOVE out of his props so much that we drew it in our some of our reflections.

Spending the day with ventriloquist Dennis Lee is a special treat that we've looked forwarded to with delight and anticipation every year for the past fifteen. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and your camera and join us in Wolf E. Lodge, where you'll enjoy a few memories from this year's show.

Thank you, Dennis Lee, for the booster shot of laughter and love.

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