What's Your Anti-Drug?

Today I'm excited because I've worked it out with my friend Shelley to give all of the readers who commented on Friday's post {10/23} a copy of her 

If you left a comment on Friday or Saturday and would like a packet, please email me {bgruener5@gmail.com} and I'll send you the digital file. Thank you, Shelley, for your kindness!

Now, let's be Frank ... how cute is this visual display?

Isn't it cool how much "chains" and "change" sound alike?
My friend Terri Brady came to Bales last week to help us kick off Red Ribbon Week with this clever creation. Our plan is to send home red strips of paper so that students and their families can answer the question: 
What's Your Anti-Drug?

Then we'll link them together to make a red chain border. 
I can't wait to read what their anti-drugs are.

Visits from our PALs start Monday, so I know the halls will be abuzz as those teenage mentors fill our campus with friendship and love.

School family members will get a mustache and a pencil because 
We 'mustache' you to be drug-free
On Tuesday we'll wear our favorite jersey or team shirt to 
Team up against drugs.

On Wednesday, our role models from Friendswood High School will lead our Hometown Heroes Pep Rally before school. That's always a fan favorite that supercharges us and sends us soaring because 
We've got the power to be drug-free.

On Thursday we'll Give drugs the slip wearing slippers, of course.
And Friday will find us dressing up in 50s garb or our costumes, both of which will say Drug-free is a nifty way to be!

So we've got a busy week ahead as we celebrate Red Ribbon Week 
 and say yes to healthy choices. Click {here} to download the mini-poster freebies that we'll be putting around campus, like this one from the creative 

Click graphic for source and freebie download at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Her creations are adorable, so please take a look at her store and support this seller next time you need something. Thank you, Shelly, for generously sharing your time and talent with us!

How will you and your school family celebrate this week?


  1. We will do the usual dress-up days (favorite team apparel, hats, crazy socks, and jeans), and last year, after listening to a concerned teacher talk about how some students can't participate in some of the dress-up days we'd been choosing because they don't have anything to go with the theme, I racked my brain and realized that MOST kids have a shirt with the name of a place on it. So I created, "Being drug-free will take you places!" as a theme day. It's been fun to read all of the shirts on that day. :)

    1. YAY - I love that! One year we did a shirt with a number on it ... COUNT on us to be drug-free!

  2. THANK YOU, SHELLEY! I am so excited to use your mindfulness treasure!!! :)

    1. You're so welcome Tanya! I'm so happy that there is a need for this and that we get to teach kids about all of this very important stuff!!

  3. Barbara,

    Thank you so much for the value you put on my resource. I hope it can make teachers' lives easier and improve the lives of the children we teach. :)


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