PPBF: You're Here For A Reason

Happy Friday.

Yesterday I was invited to the Bay Area Alliance luncheon, to speak to them for a second time this year. As we stood in line for that yummy homemade chili, I thanked one of the Board Members for having me back, adding that I hoped I didn't repeat myself too much. She said, "Oh, even if you did, that'd be okay. It wasn't so much what you said to us, but how you made us feel." Such a sweet affirmation of my work and the perfect segue into today's PPBF pick, 
which has significance and belonging written all over it.

You matter.
You belong here.
You make a difference.
You are loved.

Title: You're Here for a Reason
Author & Illustrator: Nancy Tillman
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends New York
Publication Date: September 1, 2105
Suitable for: All ages
Genre: Motivational
Themes: belonging, kindness, stakeholders
Brief synopsis: Fly along with the child's red kite and see how one little kindness can ripple to show that we are all connected and what we do matters.
Opening page
You're here for a reason, you certainly are.
The world would be different without you, by far.

If not for your hands and your eyes and your feet,
the world, like a puzzle, would be incomplete. 

Resources: Take a peek at the book's intriguing illustrations {here}.
Read a review at Novel Novice {here}. 
Check out these Interactive Mindful Notebooks {here}.
Talk about strengths as superpowers with this reflection sheet.
Then display them in a life-sized cape for a super visual:

Why I like this book: First of all, this was a Kohl's Cares selection, so I purchased the hardcover for just $5.00. Who doesn't love a deal like that? Secondly, let's just say it's a counselor's dream because its theme is at the core of what we do when we coach our students as they try
to figure out who they are, 
to forge their own way,
to be kind to others, and 
to use their strengths to make a difference.
And finally, the book puts the all-important me to we spin on life,
to spark a conversation about stakeholders.
Who cares about our choices?
Whom do they involve?
Whom will they affect?
How might considering stakeholders change our choices?
Because nothing happens in isolation.
We are all connected.

Check out this beautiful book; I think you'll be delighted you did.

Then head to Susanna's blog for our final PPBF titles for 2015. 


  1. I'm interested to read the book after reading your "me to we" reference. Wondering if my Kohls still has it . . .(and such warm fuzzy feelings from the quote you shared with us--sounds like the Bay Area is lucky to have you nearby!)

    1. The "me to we" is implied, for sure, but it truly is magical to watch one little gesture ripple out and affect so many. Thank you for your kind affirmation, Wendy.

  2. What a gem! Hope my Koh's still has it. I love books that encourage kindness and emphasize how we are here for a purpose and how we are all connected. It's an important message right now. And, I hope we continue to see more books with similar messages published. Such a lovely selection. Loved the beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you, Pat, for your thoughtful feedback. I figured you'd like this one and yes, the illustrations are stunning and the message is timely and timeless!

    2. They are sold out at my Kohl's. Will have to order. Darn.

  3. Very Seussian feel to content and rhythm! :)

    1. I think you'll find it a joy to read and discuss with your loved ones! Thank you, Joanna, for stopping by.


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