Picture This

Today, a gallery walk through some of the newest additions
 to our character building.

This growth-mindset display is now in the front hallway, right next to our Six-Pillar banners outside of our Admin Team office space.

Our freshly-painted Values Mural is on the back hallway, 
just outside of Pod B and down a bit from our library.

Yesterday as our muralist was finishing up, a fourth-grade boy walked by and said aloud, "Hey, look, self-control. That's what I'm working on!" I just love the extension possibilities with a wordle like this painted on the wall. This morning one of our fourth-grade girls remarked, "I like it because it reminds me of Westwood." I silently whispered, "Me, too, Grace. Me, too."

Just outside of my office, this Clothing Exchange icon
so stakeholders can find our clothing closet more easily.

And just inside Leadership Central, these.

Our maintenance man, Fred, is housed in the office by our counseling classroom, so I added some color and love to that wall with some wall stickers.

And here, my newest creation, an inquiry board with a Star Wars theme, to get our padawans thinking about how they'll use the force for good in 2016.

UPDATE: What a blast to join author Maria Dismondy for an exclusive interview about inspiring empathy, compassion and kindness with actionable strategies to help our superheroes soar.


Watch it on You Tube after March 2nd {here}.


  1. I'm always in awe of what you do with students. I love that wall, especially kids identifying the words they are working on.

    1. Thank you, Pat, for stopping by and for your kind affirmations. Visibility is a huge part of a character-education initiative and a great challenge to connect it to the kids, who they are, what they're working on and where they're going. I love my job!


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