Mining With Mason

Happy 2016.
Today I'm excited to introduce you to Mason
and his value-able masterpiece of self-discovery.

Authors: Chelsea Lee Smith
Illustrator: Elaheh Bos
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 4, 2015
Suggested for ages: 5-10
Themes: virtues, values
Brief synopsis: Mason loves digging in his backyard to find treasures; on this particular Saturday his finds include "a rusty screw, a bottle cap, an old plastic bead, and a mud-covered rock." It's in his follow-up conversation with his mom that Mason discovers that, just like his mud-covered piece of quartz, he's got beautiful virtues hidden deep inside.

*Free Printable Enrichment pages from the creators {here}. 
*Encourage students or staff to write down the virtues that already shine in them or the virtues they want to work to polish. 
Make a visual display like this BE board,

this Find Your Treasure set from Scholastic,

Why I like this book: Parenting our future is an important job, one that simply cannot be left to chance. In this jewel, penned by author and parenting expert Chelsea Lee Smith (Moments A Day blog), Mason's mom intentionally seizes a teachable moment to nurture her son's development. Not only does she give Mason some valuable new vocabulary, but she also hands him some concrete insight to hold on to by drawing a priceless parallel between the quartz he discovers hiding in the yard and the gems he discovers hiding in his heart.

Using a mining metaphor, she encourages her little explorer to polish 
the virtues within as he works to become the best ME he can be.

Check out this book; I think you'll discover that it's essential 
for your character-development collection. 

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