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It's Mental Health Month and my guest post over at Free Spirit Press focuses on a mind, body, spirit three-pronged approach to mental health and wellness. 

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What are your go-to strategies to maximize your mental health?

One huge thing for me after the trauma of that head-on collision was finding things to be thankful for, blessings in the burden. Did you know that gratitude can tack on up to seven years of life? Gratitude creates such a win-win because it blesses the giver and the recipient

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week 2016, so I set out to thank our school staff by putting these little sticky-note pads together for them today.

It made my heart happy to spread a little sunshine.

Yesterday I was blessed by the invitation to give a one-hour keynote about grace at the women's renewal retreat at our church. Committee members made one of these for each of us. Don't you love this? Grace. 

To close today, a few reflections to ponder from my research and presentation.

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Photo credit: Amy Homa
Photo credit: Jennifer Runde
So I ask you the same question I posed to retreat participants:
How will you increase the dose this week?

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